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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How do you choose your wedding dress

Wedding dress .. A Beautiful dream for every girl that one day dress when all eyes turn to the bride steps watching as she enters quietly the ball in a charming and graceful way gleaming her beauty in her white gown under the spotlights.

Every girl has her own vision for the wedding dress that she wears this night and it remains the important job of the fashion designer is to decrease the distance between the perceived and the ability to make the dream a reality , every year these designers comes out with the latest creations of wedding dresses, but not designing clothes is important in itself but what important
is to be appropriate for the bride and reflects her personality and charming.

The bride may plan to buy her wedding dress or would like to sew or rent and these things are indeed linked with considerations of physical or inter considerations of personal things , again the choice of wedding dress is a unique experience u would like to share with your mother or your sister or your close friend so as not not be confused in your choice and because the opinion
of these people is very important for you and they can distinguish if the dress highlights the beauty of your face and suits your personality or not

The Dress Color
In the recent years tastes of the brides and their dreams in selecting the color of the dress Varied a lot,so the legend of the white wedding dress is no longer the picture established in the minds of some of the girls and replaced with colors of fashion.
The white metallic or silver or off-white or gold were added to some of some of the fashion colors of light pink and green that are certainly additional embroidery dress ,by this distinctive color decoration venue for the ceremony flowers and additional fabrics was inspired . Remember that for dark skin bride ,the white fits the color of her skin more than beige or ivory, which fits blonde more

The Dress Design
The wedding dress designer should see the body of the bride and its défauts and do his best to beat them to make the bride look beautiful like that photo she always dreamed of , so each design differ according to the body and the size of the bride
* If the bride's slim it possible to do lot of Aldrabiat introduced horizontaly in the dress to hide the thinness and make the bride looks stylish
* If the bride was overweight the Aldrabiat(folds of cloth) can be replaced with some soft ones to hide the overweight thighs and abdomen ...
*To highlight the beauty of your shoulders choose broad Strabliss dress which gives a wide area of the upper part of your body
*It is known that the video camera over weight your body than the normal , it is better to discuss this with your photographer to know the right angles of your body


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